A Roaming Armadillo Production

A Patrick C. Clinton Film


Ethan Adams, Natalie Sieber, Trey Woodrum,

Darius Sellers, & Karen Credeur

. . . drinking games, campfire stories, and a cursed forest. What could go wrong?


Last Getaway is a one of a kind Comedic-Horror film that is as quirky as it is creepy. When Will Hataway convinces his friends that a camping trip in the forest near his hometown will be a more personal graduation celebration than a trip to New Orleans, the stage is set for a memorable weekend, especially since the closest most of them have come to the great outdoors has been on television. But Will also has a more secret motive; he plans on using the weekend as the perfect opportunity to propose to his longtime girlfriend Jessica. Accompanied by Will’s best friend Pete and Jessica’s childhood friend Susan, as well as their flamboyantly gay and extremely bitchy friend David, they head to rural Louisiana in the heart of the Bible Belt. Culture shock seems to be the least of the group’s worries as they get to know more of the people from the sleepy little town, but once they get to the forest, everything begins to fall into place. Drinking games and ghost stories create a unique atmosphere for Will to pop the big question, but before they get too cozy, all Hell breaks loose. After two of them are brutally slaughtered, it becomes painfully obvious to the remaining campers that a pack of sadistically gleeful lunatics is making a game out of methodically hunting them. As they fight for their very survival, unexpected twists further complicate matters, leading to an ending that is as shocking as it is disturbing. With a unique cast of characters and a plot that borders on the absurd, Last Getaway is sure to become a classic with anybody who has tried to plan the perfect weekend getaway and seen just how badly things can go.


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