Crew Biographies:

Patrick C. Clinton - Director, Writer, & Executive Producer

Patrick C. Clinton studied Theory & Criticism at the University of Louisiana Lafayette where he is presently teaching English while completing his PhD. He has written and produced several short films for school and the internet including a rendition of Thomas Pynchon's "Entropy" and the Noxima Jones series of shorts. His 911 memorial, "In Memorium: Remembering September 11" has been recognized by several online organizations, and his comedic short, "Noxima Jones for President," was a finalist on NBC's "It's Your Show." He is owner of both Noxima Productions and Roaming Armadillo Productions. Last Getaway is his first feature length film.

Paul Domingue - Assistant Director

Paul Domingue has been a fan of the horror genre since childhood. This is his first experience working on a film.

Jon Mount - Production Assistant, Special Effects, Boom Operator

Jon Mount has worked with Patrick C. Clinton on countless short productions in a variety of capacities. He Co-directed "Entropy" and served as Assistant Director on "The Adventures of Noxima Jones." As well, he has acted in several roles including one of the nameless killers in Last Getaway.

Lisa Mount - Production Assistant, Still Photography, Accounting

Lisa Mount has worked with Patrick C. Clinton on several of his shorter productions. She played a lead role in "Summers Eve Fiesta Blend" as well as serving as collaborator on the script. Her background in the mental health industry makes her an asset in a variety of different roles, both on and off camera.

Kara White - Production Assistant

Kara White has worked extensively with Patrick C. Clinton over the years, mostly as a creative collaborator. This is her first on-set experience.